Polygyny and Me

Can co-wives be friends?

Posted on: January 9, 2010

I think it is hard for any woman who is in a polygynist marriage to see her husband with the other wife or wives… but putting the husband aside, is it possible to be friends with you co wife?

For me, I have not had any difficulty in accepting my co-wife as my sister… she says the same thing about me… and i do love her as a sister.  We do have our differences… and sometimes i feel as if my husband is actually trying to keep us from getting to close to each other….

I have found my co-wife to be a wonderful woman with a good heart. She has been very good with me since she found out about our husbands marriage to me…. I do wish she was a bit braver to stand up more for us… but maybe in time that will come.

I do know of other co-wives that are great friends… and do everything together… my relationship with my co-wife has not reached to that level yet… we call each other from time to time… and check up on each other and check on how each others children are doing…. I think it is possible for me to have a closer relationship with my co-wife but i think it will take time….

When my husband has organized our lives so we dont feel jealousy towards each other, at that time, i feel my relationship with my co-wife will become stonger….

I do thank Allah that i do have a co-wife that is sweet and kind and has been there for me during the times that i needed her.


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