Polygyny and Me

Sometimes I just want to scream!!

Posted on: January 13, 2010

Sometimes I want to scream! Sometimes I feel that he just cant understand what i am saying or what I am feeling!
What is wrong with men…?? Why can’t they listen to their wives…. any of their wives…

I don’ t think my husband really listens to either one of us… it drives me nuts! Sometimes when i have a problem with my husband I will talk to my co-wife…. and she says… well he doesnt listen to me…!!

He should listen more…and not just to what our mouths are saying but what our hearts are saying too…

Today, I was upset in the car, and the dork didn’t even realize i was upset and hurt by something he had done… he went on like nothing even happened….until I completely exploded at him….

I told him, how could it be that we are married for almost 5 years and you can’t tell when i was upset… or sad?? I just can’t understand how he can not realize this…. men are really airheaded!!

I still have alot of anger and resentment in my heart…. I want to get rid of this…. Its not towards my co-wife because i really love her… its towards my husband because he doesnt know how to arrange himself! He should know if he has two wives he needs to arrange himself and his time with us…

Islamically, it should be a day and a night for each wife… yet he is not doing it this way….

I told him its haraam… he said no its not…. I asked him where did you learn ur islam from…. this made him mad…. but its true…. he should do it right and he should do it according to islam… not what is easier for him….
I hope one day soon, he will realize what he is doing wrong and start to do it right….

Don’t get me wrong… he is a good man… a very good man… but he is airheaded at times… as well as a dork… I think men should be able to feel their wives emotions…. Maybe as time goes by things will get better… i surely hope so….

but all and all…. I love him so much…


2 Responses to "Sometimes I just want to scream!!"

just want to add a laugh….. (ha ha ha ha ha )

LOL, I reread this post after your comment… and i just had to laugh too…. It is really funny…. i must have been having a bad day!

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