Polygyny and Me


Why Can’t He Be Fair; the Despair of the Second Wife

BY: Sawsan bint Zaid Al-Hadhrami


I wait for him past midnight

But he does not come home

So the rest of the night

I sit here all alone


I see him out in public

With the other one

As for me I’m hidden

As though never to be shown


He spends so little time with me

And treats me like I’m worthless

He isn’t equal to the two of us

And makes me feel loveless


He stays here for an hour

And never spends the night

This is what makes me upset

It causes almost every fight


I tell him its unfair

And that I feel so unhappy

He tells me to be patient

He can’t tell his family


When I ask him for a reason

And to tell me why

He won’t answer my question

He won’t give me a reply


This feeling I have deep inside

My love just will not dim

I should leave, find someone fair

But I just can’t stop loving him


This is why this poem was written

To give us all a voice

To ask our husbands to be fair

Because they always have a choice


I hope they make the right one

For the sake of our poor hearts

Because I can’t take this much longer

I know it will tear me apart


Because no matter how unfair

And no matter how mean

I will love him forever

Until yaum a’deen





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